Pinoy Asian Market

1631 4th St SW, Store 122

Phone: (641) 903-6487

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Type of Business:

Healthy Asain Foods.

Description of Business:

We will be selling Asian foods like noodles, rice, spices, canned goods, frozen fish and fresh produce.Open now inside Willowbrook Mall @ Mason City, Iowa - 
Bringing Asian food to Northern Iowa. Especially Filipino food. Mmmm, Masarap!

We're here to help you!

Hours of Operation:









Come walk for fun and exercise at the Willowbrook Mall. Lots of Parking in the front and rear.

Well marked entrances and exits on both the North and South side for easy access. All on one floor,well lighted, safe, rest benches and clean restrooms. Hours from 6am to 7pm.

If you would like to walk for better health, but would like to avoid the problems of rain, snow,traffic and stray animals, take your next walk in the WILLOWBROOK MALL!  Many people find that walking regularly through a shopping center is a simple and pleasurable way to keep fit. Willowbrook offers convenient hours, weather protection, companionship, and video survielance for your safety.

To help you plan your "FITNESS MILE" walking program, health consultation services  and the merchants at Willowbrook Mall have measured the walking route in the mall.  Start slowly, progress at your own speed, and ask a friend to join you!

To walk the "FITNESS MILE" in the Willowbrook Mall, start at the (star) and follow the blue line across the mall five times.  When you return to the (star), make another partial lap by following the green line for your final lap.  When you have returned to the (star), you have completed your "FITNESS MILE".

For more information call R.H.E.C. at (515) 424-7512

Walking map provided by North Iowa Mercy Health Center, NIACC, and Regional Health Education Center.

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